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Garage Doors Weather Seal Service By Gold Coin Garage Door Repair Katy

Garage Door Seal

There are a number of things that need to be checked and maintained regularly, if  you have a modern roller panel style garage door.  One of these, that can easily be over looked, is the garage door seal.  This can surround the frame and panels of the garage door.  The garage door weather seal, is exactly that. It is designed to keep the weather from encroaching into the interior of the garage.  This could well mean rain and wind.  Excessive water entering into the garage may cause problems with the mechanisms that help open and close the garage door.  There are high tension springs at the top, plus opener mechanisms.  All these could potentially rust.  Plus the roller mechanisms and hinges that could also be effected.

The other problem is that a broken weather seal is an open invitation to outside visitors.  These could involve inspects, wasps, bees, termites, ants and cockroaches. Plus rats, mice and possibly even the odd snake. A broken garage weather seal, will also mean any tools, bikes and equipment may also suffer from rusting, if they are stored inside the garage. The seal itself comes in a number of different materials.  They can be made from nylon, polypropylene as well as rubber. If you find that your garage door weather seal is damaged, then please do not hesitate,  Contact Garage Doors Katy TX. We would be more than happy to help you.

Garage Door Weather Seal

The other major problem you might have is with the garage door itself.  The panels can be made from a variety of different materials.  These include steel, aluminum, plastics such as fiber glass and vinyl.  These  include wood, hardwoods and softwoods such as pine.  Plus composite boards such as plywood. Like a ripped or torn  garage door weather seal, a broken, a broken panel on a garage door could let the weather and problem creatures in. Denting the door could be easily done. This could be due to someone reversing into the door.  Maybe over active younger children with a trike, or over active older children with a base ball.   Once there is a dent, then this could also set up an imbalance with the internal mechanisms that could lead to problems later.

Each material has its particular problems. Depending upon the type of steel. Galvanized steel will take some time to rust.  Aluminum can also weather in time.  Most timber, if left untreated, will rot.  Plastics are also susceptible to weathering.  This also could be the result of over exposure to sunlight (UV light). We, at Katy TX, are familiar with all these different problems.  If there is an emergency, we are available 24/7 thru out the year.  We aim to arrive as soon as  possible. Our team will return, if necessary, to make sure the work has been completed properly.  There are no hidden costs or charges. Panels will be professionally repaired or replaced.

garage door seal
garage door weather seal
garage door weather seal replacement Katy TX

Garage Door Seal Repair Services

Gold Coin Garage Door Repair offer a range of other garage repair services.  There are a number of systems that should all work properly to ensure that your garage door works properly. For someone operating a company where garage doors are used all the time, or if you have a large family going in and out of the garage constantly, then it would make good sense to get in contact with us in Gold Coin.  We will inspect your garage door systems.  The number of times your garage doors are used,  will determine when the springs will start failing.

One of the most critical of these are garage door springs.  There are torsion and extension springs which help to balance and aid the opening and closing of a garage panel door.  These are held under high tension.  They also have a limited life span. This is because of work hardening. Every time the garage door opens and closes a force is applied to each spring. In time the springs become increasingly more brittle. They will eventually break and snap. This moment can be calculated. Each time the garage door opens and closes it is a cycle. After 10,000 cycles the garage door springs will start snapping.  If a garage door is opened and closed eight times a day, the garage door springs will start failing in only three years.  If the doors are opened six times a day, this will happen in around five years.

Garage Door Weather Seal Repair

Another set of important garage panel door systems are the rollers.  This is a set of rollers on either side of the garage, will are set into tracking using hinges.  This whole system ensures that the panels of the garage door move up and down smoothly. Blockage in the tracking may well be the result of damage in a garage door weather seal. Debris, leaves and twigs etc, can be blown in from outside.  This could start to block the roller’s tracking. This could cause the whole garage door to jam. The rollers themselves are usually made from either steel or nylon.  These will wear and get possibly damaged in time. The bolts and fixings connecting the rollers to the hinges could loosen. The hinges help to keep the rollers in place along the tracking.

It is here that it is worth mentioning that we use  Original Equipment Manufacturer parts (OEM).  These are the parts that are specified by the manufacturer to be used in maintenance. They are not expensive as we buy in bulk. Even if you feel tempted to find an equivalent component on line, it is doubtful that it will be of the same quality. Another area with a whole of different systems is the “opener”.  A very common problem we find, is the “photo eye” being out of alignment with the external remote control, used to open the garage door. This is usually a very simple problem for us to sort out.

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