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Last week, my garage door got busted, and it was really hard for me to open it. I eventually called Gold Coin Garage Door Repair. The man over the phone was very kind and told me that they will go to my place as soon as they can. Surprisingly, they came within 30 minutes after I called them! The service guy (I’m so sorry I forgot your name) was very kind and was very professional to explain me the problem with my garage door, which was something about my main opener. Now, I can open and close my garage door without any hassle at all, and I can say that it is even smoother than before! Kudos to the Garage Door Repair guys!

Devon Dyeri

I really recommend Garage Door Repair! Definitely, this is the best service in town! Last week, my sister just asked me to take care of their house in Houston while she and her husband were in a business trip in Boston. One morning, I accidentally hit the garage door opening when I was playing with my baseball bat in the garage. Yeah, I know that was not a very wise idea. Then, I called Garage Door Repair, and they responded fast for my request. I think they arrived less than an hour and finished repairing the garage door opener for an hour only! Lastly, I paid a very reasonable price for the good and fast service they provided. Thank you, guys! You just saved my life!

Edyl Whiteside

Around 8 this morning, I called Gold Coin Garage Door Repair Services, and they came even before 9 AM. That was really fast since even some of my relatives are having a hard time to locate my place. Anyway, they were very nice and kind. They explained a lot of things about my garage door, how it got broken and how I can take care of it after they repaired it. Speaking of the repair, it was really fast. I think it only lasted less than an hour, and they gave a reasonable price for the service. After the repair, my garage door is like brand new again and as if nothing has really ever happened to it. Thanks, Gold Coin on the Services!

Debi Robinson

I already have my garage door for almost 4 years now, and I did not have anyone yet to check it since the day I bought it. Even though I didn’t have any big problems with it in the past, I felt that some things in it should already be replaced, so I would not have any problems in the future. I called Gold Coin Garage Door Repair’s contact number in their website for the proper maintenance of my garage door, and they were very kind to accommodate my request. They replaced some parts in it, and they gave a fair price for the whole service.  I absolutely recommend you if you are looking for a quality and professional service. I am looking forward to call this company again in case I would have a problem with my garage door in the future.

Sarai Brennan

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