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Is your garage door doing ok? Are the springs and opener functioning well? Do you notice anything different with it? For example, does it take longer for the garage door to raise or lower than usual? If you do notice some of these malfunctions, call a service provider immediately. The garage door is a complicated contraption with a lot of working parts. If one of those parts is outdated or got damaged, it will surely affect the other parts, especially internal parts. The most important parts of the garage door are the springs. These parts lift the entire garage door as they are connected to a cable. A garage door spring needs to be well- maintained because it is a high-tension part. If you really want to take good care of your garage door, pay close attention to the springs, rollers and cable.

Let’s talk about the process of garage door cable replacement and repair. If you’re wondering who provides the best garage door services in the city of Katy, Texas, look no further. Garage Door Repair Katy is second to none here in the city. We provide whatever garage door services you need. In general, we provide repairs, replacement, installation and maintenance services. So if you ever need garage rollers replacement, panel alignment, or maybe garage door installation, leave it to us. We maintain a high standard for every service we provide.

Garage Door Cable Replacement and Repair

It would be a disaster if your garage door cable are outdated or damaged. The cables supports the garage door with the tension coming from the springs. What if those cables suddenly snapped? Your garage door will come crashing down unto something or worse, someone. So if you notice something wrong with your garage door cable, give us a call. You need a cable drum in order to wind the cable. If the cable isn’t well winded correctly, if would be hard or impossible to lift the garage door. Another thing that could go wrong with your cable would be an outdated pulley. As you operate the opener, the cables won’t pass smoothly around the pulley, making it hard to pull or push. Finally, the most common problem with cables is wear and tear. Your garage door cable will surely wear out and break. This is mostly because of age or rust.

So if you encounter any of these problems, give us a call immediately. It would be best to replace your cables. Repairs for cable is to only properly wind it around the drum or connect it properly to the spring. Replacing cables is a tough job. You need the right tools like vice grip, winding bars, sockets, wrenches, ladder and of course, safety gears. Availing of our garage door cable replacement service would ensure the function and durability of your garage door. We will also inform you if there is something wrong with your garage door springs.

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Tips about Garage Door Cables

Choosing the perfect cable for your garage door is easy. As long as you know the factors to consider. First, let’s take the weight of your garage door. In order to support a heavier load, you need thicker cables. For example, for a six-foot garage door, you will need a 8’6 cable. Now, we have to determine the length of your cable. Choosing the length of your cable depends on what type of spring you have. The longer the spring, the longer the cable you need. There are two types of springs, torsion and extension. Torsion is much shorter than the extension. Failure to follow these components would be a huge disadvantage for your garage door. That is why it is important to ask for professional assistance. We inform all of our customers about this information for them to be aware. It is also best to leave the replacement job to professionals because we have to disassemble the opener mechanism and the springs.

Make sure to remove any debris or rust covering the cable. One big mistake of people is that they apply lubricant on the cable. It would be best to apply the lubricant around the rollers or the pulley mechanism. Yes, the lubricant will make the cable slippery for smooth functioning. However, lubricant will turn to rust over time and will only deteriorate the durability of your cable. So as much as possible, no lubricant. Making sure that the drum and cable is free of debris and rust will ensure its health.

Gold Coin’s Garage Door Cable Replacement Services

Other than replacing cables, we also provide numerous garage door services like rollers repair, safety eyes installation, panel replacement and so much more. We are able to provide accurate services because of our knowledge about the structure of the garage door and all of its parts. We know the function of all those parts and we can determine if a certain part is outdated or damaged. We urge everyone to avail of maintenance services at least once or twice every month. Your garage door needs thorough care just like your car. If you’re thinking that it would cost you a lot of money, it won’t. Availing of maintenance services actually lowers the possibility of your garage door completely falling apart. Then you don’t have to worry about expensive installation services that can cost you big bucks. That is why it is a mistake to prolong any malfunction or damage with your garage door.

To put your mind at ease, Gold Coin’s services are offered with affordable price rates. We believe that it is all about the results of what we do and not the money we gain. We use the best set of tools and high grade supplies manufactured by the best companies in Texas. Our personnel are also the best in the state with years of training and experience. So remember, don’t waste your time surfing the internet looking for the so-called “best garage door service provider.” Gold Coin Garage Door Repair is the true king when it comes to fixing garage doors.

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