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We expert in all the garage door openers drive type: belt, screw, chain and direct.


A lot of the parts and even the door itself will get worn down and eventually get spoiled.


We specialize in all kinds of commercial and residential garage door installation services


Our team is a group of specialists that provide 24 hour garage door repair service in Katy Texas.

Top Garage Door Repair Services

Having a heavy-duty and secure garage door is important for any homeowner. A reliable garage door is actually a necessity.  At the same time, a faulty garage door can also be a great inconvenience.  When a garage door is non-existent in your home or if it is not working well, a lot of concerns may arise.  A garage door is an important part of the household, and a missing or defective garage door may pose some security issues.  Most homeowners place not only their vehicles inside the garage, but other important equipment and belongings as well. This is the reason why a Katy garage door repair company is essential.

When a garage door needs installing or fixing, a Katy garage door repair company that’s reputable and provides top-notch service is what homeowners need. Fortunately, in the area surrounding, Garage Door Repair Katy TX is available to meet all garage door needs.  Whether it is repair, maintenance and installation of garage doors, we are at your service. 

An excellent garage door repair Katy Texas company offers a whole range of repair, maintenance and installation services.   Well-trained technicians who deliver efficient and thorough service are on-hand to serve homeowners. This is the kind of garage door repair service Katy Texas that every homeowner deserves.

The main goal of Gold Coin Garage Door Repair is full customer satisfaction. We aim to match customer’s needs with quality service. Our recurring customers can fully attest to the level of attention and service that we offer them.

Repair of Garage Doors

When it comes to garage door repair Katy Texas, it is important to find a reliable and dependable company that will give customers full satisfaction. Residents in the vicinity of Katy, Texas can count on Gold Coin Garage Door Repair to give them great service.

Professional technicians from Gold Coin Garage Door Repair are on-call and readily available to repair defective garage doors.  The Katy garage door repair service that we provide is extensive.  We offer diagnostic services, repair services, and even installation services for our clients.

We provide diagnostic services so that the homeowners can get a full grasp of the condition of their garage doors. Then, based on that diagnosis, we give our honest and unbiased recommendations.  If the garage door repair Katy Texas required is extensive, we will repair and replace various faulty door parts such as rollers, springs, cables, hinges, door weather seals, and many more.

A common malfunction that happens to garage doors is its faulty opener.  More often than not, a Katy garage door repair will most likely call a technician if their opener is not working well.  Openers usually need replacement of its circuit board, motor, or limit switches.  Sometimes, their photo eyes need to be put back in place, as it could have been misaligned. Another key part of a garage door is its cable.  A broken cable means that the garage door will not open and close well, since it is fastened from top to bottom.  Our Katy garage door repair technicians will carefully assess the damage and repair or replace cables as needed.

Excellent Installation – Garage Door Services

Garage doors are a necessary part of the house.  In fact, we find that sometimes we open and close garage doors more than our front doors.  The constant opening and closing of garage doors make it one of the most used equipment in the house.  It is therefore essential that garage doors be maintained and repaired.  Within the area of Katy, Texas, Gold Coin Garage Door Repair offers a full range of services which include installation, diagnostic check-up, repairs and replacement.  The leading Garage door repair Katy in the area, Gold Coin Garage Door Repair has built a solid customer base and we are known for quality and reliable service. 

One of the most important services that a garage door repair Katy Texas company provides is installation.  Our reputable and reliable Katy garage door repair company will be sending our professionally-trained technicians to your home.

There are several steps that a technician follows to make sure that the new garage door is properly installed.  The first step is choosing a design. If the homeowner has already chosen their preferred design, part of our service is to guide them in terms of its appropriateness and functionality.  If there is no design yet, our technicians are happy to guide in the selection process.  The next step is to buy the garage door and have it installed.  The homeowner can choose the most convenient time of installation.

When the installation is done, our Katy garage door repair personnel will entertain your questions and explain how the garage door works. Excellent garage door repair Katy Texas technicians ensure full customer satisfaction at every step of the installation process.

Maintenance of Garage Doors

A garage door is an important part of the house.  It actually serves as the house’s second door.  That is why it is necessary for garage doors to be in proper condition.  Garage door repair Katy Texas establishments offer a variety of services related to this valuable part of the home.  Homeowners shouldn’t wait for their garage doors to be defective before calling a garage door repair Katy Texas company.

Garage doors, just like any other major appliance or equipment in your home, must have regular maintenance in order to prevent further degradation.  An annual or semi-annual check-up will ensure that your garage doors will operate excellently for many years to come. Garage doors have a lot of mechanical parts that can be quite complicated to fix.  Technical assistance is needed for these types of maintenance.  A Katy garage door repair company usually provides this type of service to homeowners.  However, the type and level of service that these companies give are not the same. 

A good Katy garage door repair company provides services that are above and beyond the usual maintenance check. Gold Coin Garage Door Repair provides technicians that are able to make a thorough diagnostic service.  They inspect section of each door, the hinges, rollers, counterbalance structure, and the outdoor weather seal.  When these inspectors find something not working as it should be, or about to fall into disrepair, they do something about it right on the spot.  This only works for minor work such as tightening all bolts and screws, and lubricating hinges, springs, and rollers, garage door opener sprocket and chain. These are the maintenance services that Gold Coin Garage Door Repair does.

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